Training Studios Offer a Low Investment, High Return Way to Get Into the Fitness Business

  • Studios are easier to operate with fewer moving parts and quicker to profitability than gyms, even gym franchises.
  • Unite's efficient footprint means all your overhead costs are lower: design, build out, equipment, rent, utilities and maintenance.
  • Unite's scalable employment model is pay-per-workout and hourly with only limited salaries, allowing expenses to scale as revenues increase.
  • Employees are mostly trainers, who are internally motivated by Unite's mission to help people improve their lives through fitness and nutrition.
  • Our monthly group membership model provides a stable revenue stream based on fewer clients through the door.


Ride the Group Training Revolution with the Next Great Brand

  • The fitness industry has been on a continual, steady line of 2.5% year-after-year growth, proving it is recession proof.
  • Group training has been exploding over the past 5 years (Spin, Crossfit, Barre) as people of all backgrounds realize the power of training together in a program with a coach.
  • There is simply no more motivating, effective and enjoyable way to get fit. The social component turns dreaded work into a fun, healthy outlet for heart, muscle and mind.

While the use of group, personal and nutrition training continues to increase so does the need. The majority of Americans are overweight (2/3rds), sit most of the day, and do not take proper care of themselves, causing many problems.

"In 2005 when I decided to start a fitness studio based on group training most people were just training at a gym alone. I knew from my sports experience that everyone achieves so much more when they have a focused program to follow, knowledgable coaches to lead them, and a team to train and socialize with.  The growth and breadth of studios will continue because it is simply a better model that gets better results.

Our current goal is to replicate Unite Fitness studio franchises all over the country, so people can train smarter together and inspire each other. The companies that can motivate and educate people on a daily basis will be the ones that actually turn America's physical and mental health crisis around."

- Gavin McKay
Unite Founder and Head Coach

Unite’s Multi-Service Model Provides Stable Group Revenue + Personal & Nutrition Upsell Opportunities



A big attraction to Unite is our unique group training program. Group revenues make up around 70-80% of revenues with the majority coming in the form of automatically re-occurring monthly payments providing a solid foundation and known cash flow.


Unite also uses package pricing models to serve different client needs, offering packages for group, personal, and nutrition. Many studios miss out on the natural extension of personal and nutrition services which also help to keep trainers committed by filling their schedules.


In addition, Unite's national programming and marketing provides other "bonus" up sell opportunities, like seasonal boot camps and eating challenges. These add revenue and go a long way toward helping to motivate clients to get better results.

Gavin's Opening Story

"To be quite honest I had a rough experience starting my first fitness studio. I did something totally new, basically alone, with no experience running a business let alone a gym.


I made costly design errors, got no equipment discounts, hired the wrong people, had no training program to ensure quality, overspent on things that weren't effective, underspent on things that were important to customers, and there was nobody to answer my questions so I worked my self ragged to compensate.


I figured it out guided my principles, but it took many years. I didn't know how much I didn't know. Part of the reason Unite is franchising is because it can save people with the passion, drive and means all of the suffering and lost revenue, just by providing all of our learning upfront and continually mentoring owners."

What Makes Unite Different


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